You always ask one question, how much training do I need? How many hours?
Everyone is different! Everyone has different skills, experience, ability to learn, and access to vehicle.
There is no straight answer to this question!!!
Someone gets 2 hours, and that’s enough, because they drive every day and just need to tune up their skills.
Someone gets 16 hours of training and still makes mistakes.
But what definitely works for everyone is PRACTICE. As much as you can!

Photo from BC new driver’s guide book

You’ve got a lesson, practice that skills, do homework, tune up what you learned, at least, think about it!

It depends on your practice how many hours of training you need.
Those of you who have passed the knowledge test know that ICBC recommends 60 hours of driving before booking your road test.
It doesn’t mean that you have to do all 60 hours with an instructor. NOT AT ALL. You might need only 6, 8 or 10 hours with an instructor, and that would be enough. It all depends on you.
Dear parents of 17-year-old kids. Your kid needs support from your. You kids need additional practice with you or someone else. Of course, if you can afford lots of lessons from school, that is great. I can do that for you.
But if you booked 6 or so hours for your kid who has no previous or very little experience, that is usually not enough for a NEW person to be a confident driver. Driving is a life-long learning process. You never know what is going to happen at a next intersection. Especially in our weather conditions.
Please, support your kid, spend some time with the kid. DO NOT teach them if you don’t know! DO NOT pass your bad habits on them!!! Of course, you can give them some tips or advice, but don’t pressure them!!! That is useless.
They need you. Let’s build a confident and safe driver from your kid together!!!