Got your L? Do you want to get full training with 6 months reduction from your 7N plus 2 credits to your High School?

YETI Riding & Driving School has partnered with DriveWise British Columbia to offer their ICBC Approved Graduated Licensing Program to our Students. DriveWise BC is one of the oldest and largest schools in BC, established in 1975.

We offer this program for Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, and Tumbler Ridge.

  • GLP Students can reduce 6 months off their 7N (Novice Stage) and receive 2 Grade 11 high school credits upon completion of the course.
  • This program is 32 hours long (20 hours (8 sessions) online classroom with DriveWise BC via Zoom and 12 hours one-on-one practicum driving with YETI Riding & Driving School.
  • Total cost is $1,600. A single payment should be provided to DriveWise BC. High School Students are GST exempt. Must be enrolled in high school at the start of the course.
  • We will provide our car for a road test (7N) as a bonus for free in Dawson Creek.
  • We can book a road test for you in Dawson Creek.
  • Under ICBC graduated licensing rules, students must complete and pass all components of the course in their Learners stage and within 365 days of beginning the program. (All class sessions and on-road lessons). There are no exceptions to this; if a student goes for the Novice Road Test before completing the program, the student will then forfeit the chance at the reduction for the Novice stage as well as the 2 high school credits. The student must stay 100% violation free to be eligible to test for Class 5 in their 18th month.
  •  For our students from Fort St. John, Chetwynd, and Tumbler Ridge, we are willing to train you in your community if minimum 3 students are present that day, otherwise, a student will have to come to Dawson Creek. For better progress, some lessons must be taken in Dawson Creek.
    By going through graduated licensing (GLP), you’ll learn the skills and attitudes that will help you become a safe and confident driver.

DO YOU WANT CLASS 6 motorcycle license in future? Here is a smart tip from ICBC. “If you are working toward your passenger vehicle license and your motorcycle license at the same time, and you have a class 7/8 , (pass knowledge test + MST) license YOU CAN CHOOSE to take class 5 or 6 road test. On passing, you will be issued a class 5/6 license! Learn To Ride Smart, p.166