Exciting news for our amazing students!

Did you know you can enjoy up to a 15% discount on everything from our incredible partner, Red-Line Power Craft Ltd. https://www.red-linepowercraft.com/?

Whether you’re into a new or used motorcycle, gearing up, or maintaining your ride, Red-Line has you covered!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take training with YETI
  2. Grab your special card from YETI after training
  3. Unlock exclusive discounts on unlimited purchases for motorcycles, gear, tires, oil, brakes, and more!

*The percentage of discount varies depending on the items, so there’s something for every rider!

A massive shoutout to Red-Line for their fantastic support of new and experienced riders.

We highly recommend visiting Red-Line in Grande Prairie for all your riding needs!

Ride on, explore more, and make your journey even more thrilling with YETI Riding & Driving School and our partner Red-Line Power Craft Ltd.

Thank you, Red-Line, for fueling our passion for the open road!